DL 9000 Load Cells
The DL9000 family of load cells is available in capacities of 20-200K. Our loadcells are nickel plated (stainless optional), fully sealed, double ended shear beams well suited for harsh and wet environments on both truck and track scale operations.

Our parallel link loading design provides free movement in all horizontal directions with virtually no friction. Loads are completely self-centering due to the pendulous action of the links, making check rods and other centering devises are virtually unnecessary.

Load CellThe new bridge connection system that virtually eliminates all bolts securing scale bridges together. No more re-tapping and no more cross-treaded bolts. Installation becomes the simple, fast process both customers and dealers have needed for a long, long time. After the first module is in place on four stands the remaining bridges are lowered (self aligning) into position with load cells & stands being placed at the far end of each new bridge.

UniLatch allows each bridge to operate independently, eliminating stress and metal fatigue at rigid connection points, as in older conventional methods. The UniLatch system combined with the parallel link suspension and the individual action of each weighbridge stops side loading, assures vertical loading, and guarantees precise accuracy even under extreme loading conditions.


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