Pallet Scales

Air-Cargo Electronic Pallet Scale
The UniBridge Air-Cargo Electronic Pallet Scale-ACE-is a fully portable, electronic scale. It is designed for a variety of uses within the air cargo and commercial freight industry.

The ACE Pallet Scale accommodates all standard cargo pallets and is also available with an optional roller system.

Capacities are from 5K to 40K (10K standard) with commercial accuracy on all models.

The UniBridge ACE is fully portable and can be quickly moved with a forklift and returned to service in a matter of minutes. The metering system is a rechargeable battery powerpack that gives hundreds of weighments before recharging. Meter also operates on 110 AC power if available.

The ACE Pallet Scale is the ultimate in efficiency. The pallet is placed on the scale and the forks are lowered against the inspection ramps. The operator then takes the reading, raises his forks against the load, and exits the area to his next destination.

The ACE Pallet Scale meets or exceeds all requirements specified in Handbook 44.

Standard Features
Pivotal Arm Swings into and out of position, and holds meter and enclosure.
Carrier Base Industrial design with fork lift slots for quick relocation.
Suspension Accuracy proven, single-link suspension on single-ended shear beam load cells.
Fully Portable Move and set up for operation with virtually no delay time.
Transportable May be loaded on air cargo pallets for quick shipment.
Power Source Built in rechargeable battery or 110 AC power (12V power converter optional).
Bump Bolts Eliminates check rods, speeds installation, and permits easier scale adjustment.
Epoxy Finish All surfaces sand blasted and coated with catalyzed epoxy.
Life-time Construction Rugged and well-suited for all commercial and military operations.
Live Area Red area, weighing surface, sensitive to all objects placed on it.
Inspection Ramps Dead area, where forks are to be lowered during weighments.
Load Cell Cover Plates Located at each position for a quick cell access and maintenance.
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