Rail Scales

Hercules Lo-Profile Electronic Rail Scale
Built in the UniBridge tradition of strength, accuracy, and dependability, the Hercules Lo-Profile Electronic Rail Scale offers the industrial market the finest in structural design and electronic technology.

The Hercules Lo-Profile meets or exceeds all Handbook 44 and A.R.E.A. specifications and is designed for Cooper E-80 loading.

Two types of suspension are available. Double parallel link is standard with Uni-Check available as an option if a rigid system is referred. Both utilize a double-ended shear beam load cell (nickel or stainless). All UniBridge scales are completely sandblasted and generously coated with a catalyzed epoxy. This finish has proven to be an excellent protection even in the most hostile of environments.

UniBridge Hercules is available in two standard sizes – 13′ modules and 26′ modules. These modules can be combined to create any length scale desired. Special sizes can be designed, on request, for unique applications. In addition UniBridge offers complete technical and design assistance of all phases of job installations and bids.

Standard Features
Pit Design Shallow or deep pit.
Certified Scale Meets or exceeds all HB 44 and A.R.E.A. specifications.
Varied Sizes Optional sizes for special applications.
Fully Electronic No moving parts.
Double Link Suspension Standard on all Hercules Lo-Profile Scales – Time proven method, easily installed and serviced.
UniCheck Optional rigid system if preferred.
Load Cells Caustic resistant, nickel-plated, hermetically sealed.
Stainless Steel Cells Optional on request.
Protective Conduit All load cells and meter cabling is completely enclosed and protective conduit for total protection from environment.
Check Rods All scales have 4 longitudinal check rods in addition to transverse checks at each section.
Load Cell Removal Minimum clearance required to facilitate easy removal of individual load cells.
J-Box Vertical position for easy access reduces moisture related problems (rated at NEMA 4).
Steel Deck Extra heavy deck plates are bolt-free to allow easy access for inspection and maintenance.
Catalyzed Epoxy Finish Thorough sandblasting and epoxy finish give maximum protection in the harshest of environments.
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