Lo Profile

HAWG, by UniBridge, is the toughest animal on the market today. We still believe the best foundation of a heavy capacity scale is that of structural steel. For rated capacities, the HAWG boasts the highest structural steel weight of any manufacturer.

Standard CLC (tandem axle included) and sectional ratings are 40 ton on the electronic and 45 ton on the UNCLE mechanical with capacities up to 85 ton as an option. Deflection rations are calculated on fixed tandem industry.

Electronic HAWGs are equipped with a nickel plated, (stainless optional), fully sealed, double-ended shear beam load cell, well suited for any hostile environment.

The HAWG series, whether electronic or mechanical, is available in both steel and concrete decks with single module lengths up to 30 feet. This allows a system to utilize fewer load cells or levers, making for a simpler, more dependable operation in regard to wear, maintenance, service and all around reliability.

HawqHAWG scales are standard 100 ton capacity with profiles of 15″ for the electronic and 15 1/2″ for the UNCLE mechanical. Because of the profile and rugged design, they are ideally suited for any standard, high volume, or heavy industrial application.

Whatever the demand, from the high traffic HAWG axle-weigh system to extra heavy mining, the HAWG is the animal that can fill the spot.

If it’s on the road, if it carries a load, put you weight behind UniBridge, put your weight behind the HAWG.

Standard Features
UniLatch A UniBridge Exclusive – Standard on all Low Profile truck scales. This system reduces installation time and allows bridges to automatically self align & center as they are placed together. Bolts are virtually eliminated!
15″ or 15 1/2″ Profile No pit required, only 9″ high or 15″ high
UniBridge Parallel Link Suspension is standard on all models; this system permits simple service of load cells
Bump Bolts Designed to protect cable and speed up installation
Conduit System No moving parts
Bump Bolts Eliminates check rods and permits for easier scale adjustment
Examined and Approved Meets or exceeds all requirements set forth in Handbook 44
Jacking Pad Factory installed for use with hydraulic jacks
Safety Side Rail A UniBridge Exclusive – Radius side rails eliminate tire damage and make for a safer operation
J-Box Vertically positioned for easy access, reducing moisture-related problems (rated at NEMA IV)
Summing Boards Individual adjustment pots for each position and section on all scales; gaseous diodes are on all boards for added lightning protection
UniModular Design Modules designed for future expansion
Surface Preparation All surfaces are thoroughly sandblasted prior to finishing
Standard Finish Catalyzed UniBridge Epoxy Blue or Epoxy Gray paint
Bolt Down All anchoring is done after installation, permitting perfect placement of scale
Cover Plates Protect all mainlever and backbone pivot and bearing areas from the environment. Section cover plates are bolt free
Stainless Steel Junction Box Used in all S-beam load cell applications
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