Portable Scale
If you require a weighing system that can be moved easily, or where a permanent solution is not possible, the UniBridge Portable Scale is your ideal solution.

Portable Scale
Its fully-electronic system and exclusive suspension system with double ended shear beam load cell provide durability and unsurpassed accuracy.

Standard Features
Surface Mounted No pit required, only 18 1/2″ high
Suspension System A UniBridge Exclusive – Parallel link, double ended shear beam load cell for unsurpassed accuracy
J-Box Mounted in vertical position for easy access, reducing moisture-related problems (rated at NEMA IV)
Examined and Approved Meets or exceeds requirements set forth in Handbook 44
Fully Electronic No moving parts
Bump Bolts Eliminates check rods and permits for easier scale adjustment
Construction Heavy-duty WF beams braced and tied with extra-heavy steel safety deck
Tie Down Bolts Ease of transportation
Lightning Protection Gas filled diodes in all summing boards
Steel Deck A UniBridge Exclusive – Extra-heavy, high-strength safety plate on all bridge decks
Jacking Pad Factory installed for use with hydraulic jacks
Lengths Available in lengths from 20′ to 105′. Individual modules from 20′ to 35′, with future expansion capabilities
Capacities 32 to 40 ton CLC, 60 to 100 ton gross capacities
Safety Radius Side Rails For ease of handling, also eliminates tire damage and insures a safer operation
Summing Boards Individual adjustment pots for each position and section on all scales; gaseous diodes are on all boards for added lightning protection
Standard Finish All surfaces are thoroughly sandblasted the finished with UniBridge Epoxy Blue or Epoxy Gray paint
Widths Standard 10′ width; other widths available upon customer request
Should you have any comments or questions, please use this online contact form. A scale specialist will get back with you as soon as possible.