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UniBridge Scale Systems is a company dedicated to the scale industry. With over 50 years combined experience in the scale business, we know that precise weighments mean profits for your company. Whether you need us for emergency service, preventative maintenance, installation, troubleshooting, or custom design, we offer certified technicians dedicated to your needs.

Scale Service and Maintenance
Our factory-trained technicians meet and exceed the licensing requirement mandated by the states of Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Missouri, and Nebraska. Outside manufacturer and factory training qualify these technicians to handle both common and special scale applications.

Our preventative maintenance program offers you dependable and consistent performance of your weighing system. We know the importance of accurate weighments on a daily basis and our highly trained service technicians can help avert possible performance problems before they arise.

24 hour Service
Image ServiceWith our 24 hour emergency service, we can provide you with a quick response and less downtime in your time of need. UniBridge’s unique truck scale testing regimen includes strain testing positions and sections with certified test carts and weights, for tests exceeding 20,000 pounds! What this means for you is accurate tuning of positions and sections for precise weighments and less money lost. After all adjustments and fine-tuning have been completed, a strain load test in excess of 80,000 pounds can be performed using a combination of the certified test cart and test truck. We also maintain a large inventory on our trucks for most “on-site” repairs giving us the capability to fix most problems in just one service call.

Image ServiceFrom the initial consultation to the final certification, UniBridge Scale Service is committed to being a full service scale company. Our exceptional construction crew will build you a solid foundation in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

From small grain dockage scales to heavy duty rail scales, hopper scales to counting scales, indicators to printers, UniBridge Scale Service can handle it all!

Schedule a maintenance now, and a technical support specialist will get in touch with you.

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